Effects that baby stories produce in the brain

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The stories are the best resource to foster in babies fundamental aspects that will allow you to apply them throughout your life.
Although the stories express a life of fantasy and happiness forever, its content leads to recognize important values ​​such as love, forgiveness, respect, friendship, kindness, fidelity, commitment, and many more, achieving a dominant choice before which story can become more functional for itself and with which they identify more.
Something important that also leaves the stories as teaching, is the understanding that each act of our life has a good or bad consequence and that before that, each of them must be assumed with responsibility.
When the child reads a story, it allows him to broaden the perspective of life, to everyday life, assimilating the behaviors of each character, in order to give a mental conclusion, a moral or a reflection on what has been learned in the story, stimulating it cognitively to develop your capacity for analysis and imagination.
According to studies, the stories activate the brain areas that lead to the development of babies in their language and reading comprehension, when the child hears or reads a story, in his mind he forms mental images, which allows him to obtain a broader context of what has been read, learning and memorizing more easily the information received, acquiring a clearer and more objective thinking before the different situations that may arise, it facilitates the resolution of problems, the overcoming of difficult situations and making assertive decisions.
Within these aspects, it also involves the habit of reading and understanding its methodology, which involves relating it to a principle, a development and an outcome, which allows the brain to accustom to identify different textual aspects before the sequential development of the story and its meaning, increasing the capacity for expression and reading comprehension.
The stories for babies provide a lot of emotional benefits, they acquire security, good self-esteem, they strengthen the bonds with the parents, in addition they provide guidelines for good behavior, emotional balance, and make them much happier.
This reading procedure can be performed since they are in the pancita, from 4 months, which is when they start listening to babies. Listening to their parents during pregnancy will help them prepare for their new environment, strengthen emotional bonds and make it a very peaceful stage.
This good habit should continue and, if possible, be persistent in order to develop the habit in the little ones, giving them the possibility of acquiring new knowledge every day.

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