Does your children talk alone? Sure they have an imaginary friend

Posted on09/13/2018 5544

The age of imagination where there are fairies, unicorns, monsters and where you can talk and play with them exists, if at any time you see a child talking to himself, he is possibly with his imaginary friend.

Imaginary friends appear between 2 years to 7 years old, being something characteristic but normal in the evolutionary development of children.

Most children create a fantasy world different from the one they live in, but it is not to worry, it is only their imagination and although it seems difficult to understand, it helps to project the emotions easily understanding the feelings, not only theirs, but also others.

This new beginning of adventure, strengthens some areas, where through their interaction with their invisible friend, they will be able to recognize their deepest fears, phobias and fears, by externalizing them they will acquire the ability to face them, having greater confidence in themselves, feeling stronger , raising your self-esteem.

Although the imagination of children flies without stopping, it is important to have control over these games, analyze when their imaginary friends may appear, as they are often filters of escape to forget a stressful situation and that they have difficulty managing, too These characteristics are manifested when there is a separation of the parents, loss of a relative or the lack of a little brother.

This stage is characterized as the development of the symbolic game, here mental representations are made and interact with them, such as talking to an invisible friend, or taking a toy and talking to it.

This should not cause any concern as long as they are happy and comply with what is established at home, orders and habitual rules of behavior, when the relationship with the imaginary friend begins to encourage behaviors of isolation or poor school performance, it is better to pay attention, make corrective in the games and guide him with the help of a psychologist or pediatrician.

For this reason children should always be supervised and more when they are small, not allow them to be or keep a long time alone, encourage at home activities of family interaction and relationship with friends of the same age.

Dialogue is fundamental, asking them about their friend knowing the characteristics and knowing what they think, these answers will give an idea to focus on them, without conveying to them that they are doing something bad, if not on the contrary, that they feel that their parents understand them and can Tell you absolutely everything.

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