Do you know at what age children should have a mobile?

Posted on01/15/2020 4120

We know that technology is an important tool for our current society, but it is necessary to know how to implement it properly in the day-to-day life of our children and more on these vacations where they will surely have plenty of free time to enjoy it.

The first five years are important for development, being a fundamental period of brain growth and maturation, accustoming children to new technologies at a young age is a risk, since they lose the possibility of forming motor, interpersonal and communication skills , affecting in a certain way the communication and healthy relationship with their parents and the verbal social exchanges that are of importance for the development of language and social.
Children who spend more than seven hours on smartphones, tablets and video games, have a weakening in the cerebral cortex, where perception, imagination, thinking, judgment and decision occur. Technology changes the way a child perceives reality, makes the external and real become boring and meaningless, it is there that affects the judgment and decision of a child.
Recommended time according to ages:
Up to 3 years: The game is something essential in the stimulation of their learning, so it is recommended that children under three years do not have access to screens to avoid difficulties in their learning.
From 3 to 6 years: Only 30 minutes a day is recommended, if more time is left, it hinders emotional development in children.
6 to 12 years: 1 hour a day as more time, can cause sedentary and obesity, in addition to generating school demotivation and demotivation when socializing.
From the age of 12: Two hours a day, more than this time causes school difficulties and social problems. It should be strengthened more in these ages, to perform a hobby that leads to the relationship with friends, in addition to practicing some sport.

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