Development of a baby. 2 months old

Posted on02/12/2019 1808

Despite the fact that very little time has passed since his birth, at this age you can already contemplate changes, where some behaviors and different behaviors that will characterize him will be noticed.

The development of the baby at 2 months, its growth and weight gain can not be ignored since at this age it can increase up to a kilo more, in the same way it will look much bigger, the baby can increase in its size up to 3cm of measure.

Your muscles are getting much stronger, if you turn your mouth down you can lift your head holding it only for a few seconds, managing to support your arms with a little firmness. The baby will move his hands and feet, although he still does not control his movements well and will see many more forces when moving his limbs.

If his features are detailed, his face and eyes are more expressive, giving small smiles as a sign of some reflections given to some emotion that has the small or a tone of voice heard that pleases him, especially the voice of his parents and family.

Here he begins to make small noises with his lips and babbling, he is more attentive to the sounds or sounds he hears, shaking his hands and feet in a restless but calm manner, depending on the type of sound.

 Its visual part will be more developed, it will follow objects in movements from side to side, at a distance of 20 cm. Perfect age to stimulate visual tracking by means of rattles that move from left to right, this will help to sharpen the focus ability of the child.

In his feeding area, the suction has improved considerably, because he instinctively identifies the intake he must make for each breast, delaying in each one only 10 minutes for each intake, in the same way the milk production of the mother will adjust to the nutritional needs of the little one.

The child is growing and is advancing in its development, which makes it indispensable to have the appropriate care, such as having vaccines up to date, giving them sunbaths every day trying to avoid them being between 11 am and 4 pm, since the Sunrays are much stronger at this time.

It is also important to make regular visits to the pediatrician to have control of their development and growth, following the recommendations given for better care.

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