Common pee escapes in babies

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Escapes of urine in babies are very frequent and normal when it comes to learning to leave your diaper, at times because it is not enough to get to the bathroom or at night, possibly because he did not urinate before going to sleep.
Many parents can assume this as a step back in diaper removal, but it is not, they are only situations that can occur in everyday life, what should be is to identify why it is happening, to generate strategies and methods that allow help him
There are several reasons why pee escapes may occur, such as the pressure to get to the bathroom on time, because of the parents' confidence to see that the child is already going to the bathroom alone and they forget about the possibility that late in arriving or something unforeseen happens. This is why it is important to be very aware of asking them frequently if they want to go to the bathroom, even if the baby has already begun to control, it is important not to remove the support and be constantly pending.
If there is a lot of pressure it can also be a factor, be very careful, since this, if it would lead to a backward movement in the diaper, increases the insecurity and can affect a delay of control.
These small accidents can also be generated if any of the daily routines are altered, such as a trip, an outing, family visit, etc. Also if important changes have been initiated in the baby, such as a new sibling, adaptation to the nursery, a change of home, etc.
In order to support the baby in these situations, it is best to follow a series of tips that will prevent possible accidents.
• It is suggested to ask the baby regularly if he wants to pee, having urinals at hand or being attentive to take him to the bathroom.
• The times in which the baby urinates and defecates should be known in order to be much more aware and more precise when it comes to asking them.
• It is important that babies have clothes that are easy to remove and place so they do not have delays in sitting on the toilet.
• At the time of leaving home, while the baby is in the car seat, you can choose to have a cushion trainer super absorbent Janabebe, which allows the absorption of fluid without letting moisture pass, this cushion is very useful since it is reusable and will give the baby more peace while sitting.
• In case of an accident, you should not be scolded, if you do not see that nothing happens and that the next you can achieve it, always with words of motivation.
• Identify what may be causing the baby to have frequent pee escapes, if it is due to a sudden change at the family level, he should be very understanding, looking for the way that is as calm as possible and that his daily routines as far as possible vary
• If it is identified that the child is very tense with the issue of going to the bathroom, it is better to keep calm and go at their pace without pressing it.

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