Colic in babies and how to relieve them

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Infant or infant colic, as it is usually called, is one of the reasons why many parents consult the pediatrician and more in the first months of life.

The way to identify if babies have colic, is by the manifestation of constant crying and irritability, these symptoms usually appear, regularly at dusk or at night, having a duration of a few hours.

If babies during the day behave normally, but at any moment cry apparently for no reason, the most likely is that they have colic.

At that moment the children take a posture of recollection, bending their legs on the stomach, the body keeps them tense, their face reddens, while the fists are tight.

These cramps, although difficult for babies, are part of the normal development of infants, so it should not be a cause of concern because it does not interfere with the proper growth and development of children.

Studies are based more on the possibility of a possible imbalance in the intestinal flora that makes babies much more sensitive. It is believed that these cramps can also be caused by physiological immaturity, discarding them primarily as a disease, rather considering them as a normal stage in their maturational and adaptive process.

According to the recommendations of pediatricians, if you are breastfeeding, it is best to suppress some foods that can generate greater sensitivity to the baby, flours, eggs, caffeine, chocolate and nuts.

In the same way some determinations must be taken, for example if they take artificial milk and they present malaise, the best thing is to change the type of milk that can be the cause, what is recommended to consult previously to the pediatrician.

There are also means for parents to intervene immediately when the child has symptoms of colic.

The massages are very effective to calm the pain, it can be started by placing them in a proper and firm position, with the palm of the hand in the stomach, circles will be made in the direction of the clock hands between the navel and the hip, afterwards, with the two palms of the hand located below the ribs, it will go below the navel with light pressure and alternating hands. These simple massages will relieve babies immediately, reassuring them.

Warming the abdomen is also a way to alleviate the pain, it can be with the palms of the mother's hands, placing them on the stomach for a few minutes, then to keep warm, you can put a blanket on the stomach, you should take of the legs gently, bringing them to the abdomen compressing it gently with the thighs, returning the legs to their initial position. This exercise must be done for at least one minute.

The most important thing in this stage is to stay calm and have a lot of patience, because these symptoms usually happen approximately within 3 to 4 months of age.

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