Children's time is also gold!

Posted on10/30/2018 4882

Taking advantage of time is a teaching that must be provided to children so that they learn to value it and have an organization of their day to day, the free time they have, is a space where they can encourage creativity and discover new things as well as forming a character of organization and daily discipline.

The use of free time with activities that they like, will be beneficial for the integral development, but first of all it should be inculcated to distribute it in the accomplishment of primordial activities like the tasks of the school and duties in house carried out in specific hours, will notice that the time free they can enjoy with their friends or perform those activities that they like so much, those moments are very important because they will promote the development of the imagination, the longing to want to explore, create or invent something new.

Knowing that they can relax without the worry that they are missing something to finish, will give them security, reduce the tension of having things to do, they will understand that the day is not only for what they have to do, but also they can Enjoy many hours remaining.

Generating this habit will provide parents with more peace of mind, without needing to worry about making children comply with their obligations; on the contrary, it will become a habit that will allow them to do everything of their own volition.

In some families many children can suffer the same stress as an adult, knowing that they have so many obligations in the day and that there is no time to finish because of the varied programs that are created daily, extracurricular activities that make live strenuous days where they go to bed very late and get up very early.


Bearing in mind that paid activities such as sports, music or dance after school are very profitable to occupy free time, they must run at well distributed hours during the week without any overload, with guidelines for rest, allowing time for them to Do your homework calmly and without eagerness taking advantage of every minute.

The time to watch movies and play should always be within the weekly schedule, without forgetting that these spaces are essential to avoid the pressure of daily obligations, where it allows children to encourage greater independence.


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