Boredom in children, something positive to take advantage of.

Posted on05/20/2020 3906

Boredom is a very common and normal thing that occurs in children, but this is not entirely negative, since it can be used as a means of growth and creative development.

Boredom can be termed as a wake-up call that allows children to recognize what they are unsatisfied to look for something else that makes them feel better, this leads them to reinvent themselves, to seek alternatives for new learning and discoveries of their own that allow them personal and creative growth.

Many times parents prevent their children from feeling bored by filling them with many things to do throughout the day, but avoiding this process limits the ability to find alternatives that are beneficial to them.

Psychologists mention that boredom is the best ally of creativity, since children think what do I do? New ideas will emerge that will lead to the innovation of thoughts and actions, it is in that moment of boredom where they must be given the freedom to choose what they want to do, as a means for them to solve what they require based on their imagination.

Nowadays children have been used to having everything immediately, they have been over-stimulated and they are not used to waiting, much less to reflect, making it difficult for them to have breaks in moments of non-activity, in general, they finish doing something and require something else immediately, producing an overactivity in their behavior and where many times nothing they start manages to finish.

What should be done is to promote children some breaks at the end of a game or activity, encouraging them to think for a moment, be calm and reflect, this will help stimulate cognitive processes appropriately, focusing their attention, stimulating creativity and conflict resolution.

At first, the children may be a little disoriented about how to get out of their boredom, it is there where the parents can intervene, dialoguing with them to help them keep in mind the things they like, giving them some ideas so that they can develop them and some clues so that they can also imagine what to do, this will motivate them to take advantage of their time in developing new skills.

They can also be helped to make a list of hobbies or activities so that in their free time they have several options to carry out, taking into account that these spaces should not be delimited in a specific order, but should be given freedom to that they decide how to carry out these activities, that they look for ways to do new things, but always creatively.

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