Benefits of breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is one of the most pleasant experiences, not only because of the direct contact that mother and child have, but also because of the connection between the two, being extremely important to avoid infectious, respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatitis diseases, as this strengthens your immune system and provides the nutrients your body requires for its proper development and nutrition.

It is worth mentioning that breast milk should be given as long as possible, since it covers a third of the child's daily caloric and protein needs, it is through it that the child receives greater defenses.

Also, it brings benefits to the mother since it helps an optimal recovery after delivery, when the baby suckles from the mother's breast, oxytocin and endorphins develop, these hormones produce well-being by accelerating the process of the uterus to return to its normal size , called this process as uterine involution, becoming an effective therapeutic process.

Breast milk covers all the needs of hunger and thirst and makes the baby feel more secure in the face of the mother's positive response when he asks for breast, breastfeeding is a means not only to satisfy physical areas, but also covers all the child's emotional needs.

The world health organization and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, advises exclusive breastfeeding within the first six months of life, to then gradually supplement with age-appropriate foods and from there, continue breastfeeding up to two years, this only if the child wishes to continue breastfeeding.

The mother's milk production goes according to the baby's needs, if the child consumes a lot, likewise the mother will produce milk, if he drinks little the mother will produce little.

Although it is not possible to define exactly how long to stop breastfeeding because this procedure should be more of an evaluative act of the mother, it should be recognizing the right moment when the child does not need more breast milk or where the baby is signs that you are no longer interested in drinking.

In the same way, weaning should be done gradually, it should be withdrawn, not denying the breast or conditioning the child, since if it is done forcibly it can affect the little one emotionally, causing the baby to want to cling to it in some way. her mother to feel safe and fill the void that breastfeeding has left.

In this change, means must be offered to cover the emotional needs of the child, breastfeeding, because it is such a close bond, must be redirected in a pertinent way, at the right time and gradually, this will guarantee that the emotions of the child before this process.

If you want to wean the baby, it is better to consult your pediatrician and, depending on the child's process, follow the recommended steps for best results.

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