Bad habits of parents that affect children

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A habit is the action we repeat frequently, making it part of our routine. From a psychological perspective, the human being can get so used to that action to the point of needing it daily to feel comfortable with himself. Habits can be acquired by exercise or experience and can be so ingrained to us that they can be executed automatically, so they do not require much effort to be carried out.
These habits can have a positive or negative impact on the people around us, in our case as parents, we teach our children with our actions, which can influence them negatively or positively. It is not about being perfect, we are all wrong, but the challenge is not in perfection but in understanding that those mistakes teach us, lead us to improve and as we process we can establish behaviors that make us better.
That is why in this post we will explain some bad habits or behaviors that can affect our children.
-The first bad habit that we all acquire, is to look at the mobile while we talk to them, according to studies 1 in 3 people manage to check the mobile up to 100 times a day, these habits of technological dependence, are a mirror for children and make us lose authority at the moment of demanding a change of use of the mobile, remember that we are an example and that our words must be consistent with our actions.
-Another bad habit is to be absent parents: we are at a time where work monopolizes most of our time, causing us to be away from home watching or sharing little with our children and this definitely has a negative impact on them, their need for us It is always present, that you do not share enough will encourage the habit of distancing and will gradually move away from you.
-Talk about children as if they were not present: They always listen to what adults talk about, whether they are playing or watching TV, they will pay attention to what you are talking about, if there is a complaint or a complaint to them, it is better to include them in the Conversation this in order to find solutions, because otherwise it is being embarrassed to the child and it will be more difficult to see changes in behavior if that is what you require.
-Promise and not comply: If you say something to the child about what you will do or give, but then you forget, you are sending a message and it is not important enough and is not your priority, this is a very bad habit that should be eliminated, since you are putting your child's trust at stake. Watch out!
-Do not communicate with them: The omission we did in our day or not asking them what they did, limits communication and we accustom them to reserve everything with us, that for them it is not important that we learn about their life.
-Give them unhealthy food: If we are an example of eating fried foods, eating at times, not eating healthy, you are creating a very bad habit that will have an impact on your health. A good diet is part of an adequate physical, neurological and learning development.
-Not being tidy: remember that if you are not very tidy at home your child is learning this bad habit and it will be of no use to teach him how to organize his room when his parents' lack of care for the organization of their home.


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