Baby of 9 months and its development

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The 9-month-old baby may be surprised by his motor skills, he will not want to sit still for a second. His desire to investigate and explore does not allow him to have rest times, much less his caregivers. As parents we must be alert at all times, taking the utmost care with him, always protecting the areas where he is traveling.

This stage is cataloged as the "reflexes" stage. It is thus identified by the characteristics of its motor movements, for example, when the baby is lifted up by its armpits, it will move its feet as if it were walking. And when feeling the ground will try to support the soles of the feet as a reflex of support. Considering this as your process of preparation to be able to walk. This is where by means of the crawling and exercises that are carried out, the muscles will be strengthened, by the time you reach the age to walk, be ready and do not present any inconvenience.
The things that parents tell us at this stage are:
"He loves to crawl and crawl everywhere" and it will get faster and faster.
"He already feels alone, without support, and he looks for a way to stand up and for a few seconds he has more balance in his posture" he is strengthening his muscles.
"He holds objects with greater force and precision: he picks up and delivers objects, and he also likes to throw them away." Your motor skill is increasing.
It will also improve communication skills, expressing with sounds and babbling. You will get words like: no, dad and mom, as well as movements with your head of denial, your hands pointing or saying goodbye.
It will recognize all the members of the family, even the pet. A regular activity is to make games where you are asked where is the dog? He will look for it, look at it and then point it out.
In his stage of recognition and he is used to being surrounded by the same people, for that reason, it is normal for him to be a little afraid when he sees unknown people. Also, you will not like to feel alone, always look for someone's company, especially your parents'.
The need to feel cared for is still high and will continue to do so until you are a little more independent in your movements.

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