Baby of 5 months, exploratory process and main characteristics

Posted on07/16/2019 4435

The five-month-old baby has grown and is nothing like a newborn, his desire to explore and know everything, not stop. This capacity for exploration and wanting to relate more and more to his world makes him more awake and with greater perception.

It is an age in which you gain security, feel more in tune with it, its functionality is greater at the motor level, muscle strength increases, allowing you to turn over your bed alone, shake your legs and arms with strength more control of your muscles, when you place your mouth under hold your head for longer by arching your back back, when you lie on your back you will opt for a position of wanting to sit up lifting your head with your shoulders forward using the abdominal strength of your back and neck, from here they start the different achievements that they will achieve in the course of their growth.

For him, there are many new things that he will like to take, manipulate and take everything to his mouth. The mouth is a principal means of knowing and identifying objects, the taste, the sensation, is fundamental for the child as a means of exploration and recognition, in fact, the sucking of objects is something important for their linguistic development.

This is why you should not avoid or limit this behavior because it could delay the development of normal language of this age that is reflected in the babbling, in the pronunciation of sounds and that may affect future in the correct pronunciation of words.

Studies affirm that preventing this exploratory process delays weaning, fostering emotional dependence and in many cases generating anxiety.

For this reason it is important to allow the child to carry out his exploratory process naturally without any limitation, although taking the necessary precautions before hygiene and not leaving objects at the baby's hand that are too small and can cause suffocation.

Putting everything in their mouths will promote greater self-confidence and strengthen their self-esteem.

Within its exploratory process sounds are a fundamental part of the recognition of things and their environment, every time you hear a sound, you will want to turn to see. This is a good methodology for when you want to get the attention of the baby, a sound of a bell, a key or a rattle will pay attention immediately.

In the same way the baby recognizes when he is talking exclusively to him, the importance of different accents when speaking is vital for his learning and the recognition of some textual words.

The little one will also look for ways to communicate through expressions such as crying, when he needs something or is simply bored. In some moments you will want to give kisses, but just by opening your mouth, it will be normal for you to release some smiles and laughs when you are happy, along with strong movements of your hands and feet, you will also extend your arms whenever you want to be carried.

During your sleep, you may wake up at night often, because of your emotional needs, so you need attention and the need to feel your parents nearby, which is normal at this age, so let them cry for a long time it will affect them, making them take longer, in their adaptation of sleep schedules.

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