At what age should my baby use the pillow?

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Thinking about the well-being of your children is always a priority, so sleep must be considered as something important that must be taken care of and made more pleasant. For generations, we have been taught that the pillow is part of a good rest, but what is unknown is that using it when it is not appropriate can involve certain risks and affectations in some areas of the baby's body.

We will solve all the doubts that may arise in relation to this issue, explaining what characteristics the pillow should have and what is the right time for the baby to use it.

Can my baby use the pillow?

It is known that a baby is very different from an adult on an anatomical level. In its first months, the child usually has a head a little larger than the rest of the body, while her neck can become much smaller. These physical characteristics mean that the baby does not require the use of a pillow, since it will not provide adequate support or give him the rest he needs. In addition, it can carry some risks that are best avoided.

What risks can the use of the pillow entail?

Due to the physical characteristics mentioned above, when using a pillow, the spine can be misaligned, forcing and affecting the natural curvature of the neck. Likewise, the risk of suffering from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) increases.

From what age is it recommended to use the pillow?
Experts recommend the use of the pillow only from two or three years of age, since, at this age, their physiognomy begins to change, reaching proportions similar to those of an adult (the shoulders grow and are wider than his head). Due to this, the use of the pillow can become essential for the optimal rest of the baby, since it will help to prevent the head from hanging when sleeping and to maintain a correct alignment of the head and neck with the spine.

When starting to use the pillow, it is important to take into account some characteristics:

- Be low, so that the head, neck and back are well aligned.

- Soft, since a very firm pillow can cause cervical problems.

- It must have a cover that is easily removed, so that it can be washed more frequently.

- That it is made with hypoallergenic materials, to avoid allergies and outbreaks on the skin.

- Make sure it is the same length as the width of the bed, so that when the baby moves, it does not get off the pillow.


As the baby's head in the first months of life is still soft, it can become deformed if it is lying in the same position for a long time, so it is advisable to change its position. This should be done only when he is not asleep, as a position on his side when sleeping can cause suffocation. For this reason, when it is time to sleep, try to get the baby to use other positions, such as, for example, face down, so that in this way he can rest his back and, also, his head.

Finally, do not stop following all the advice that we have given you in this post. We hope they are useful and helpful to you.

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