As a baby relax

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Usually when you hear the word relaxation is often thinking more in adults, because it is assumed that babies live relaxed all the time and don't need relaxation techniques.

But being a baby is a very arduous task, all the time they are learning from their environment, their environment and are exposed to noise to send constant information, processes that need to be alternate with periods of rest, otherwise, will have difficulty to rest, delaying his dream and showing irritability during the day or night. It is recommended that, within daily routines, they have times exclusive to relax them.

Massage will always be one of the best methods of relaxation and more by the many benefits that come with skin to skin contact, promoting peace and greater security with their parents.

Is not needed to have greater knowledge of the subject to perform them, smearing only the hands of oil, keep the room with a suitable climate, will suffice to initiate the procedure.

Can be started by feathering hands by the arms, legs, chest, back, circled by exerting slight pressure. If baby has indicated problems of gas, you can insist more on the belly with circles to the sense of the clock hands. Ideal moments for these massages, are after the bath or diaper changes.

Sounds are also very effective, according to studies, the sounds that make some appliances help them to relax because they associate them with the sounds that came from buffered form when they were in the womb of the mother, these being, named as White sounds.

There are some applications that can be downloaded over the internet, where some white sounds that will be relaxing and optimal for the baby will be. Although the voice of mama will always be the best sound you will hear, whisper to you and sing to the ear in a tenuous way, will unwind it immediately.

Movement is also a relaxation technique since it is also associated when they were in the womb of the mother moving in their amniotic fluid. So cuddling, cooing, move them in his pram, in hammock, will lead you to a State of relaxation that will allow them to be much more calm and happy.

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