15 months of the babies

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This stage is a wonderful stage where we can notice the many skills that our babies are acquiring each day and although they do not stop moving, they fill us with joy every mischief, laughter and games they perform.

The 15 months of the babies, is an age where they have greater abilities in their physical, psychomotor development, they are much more perceptive and intellectual. They have a lot of energy, being too active, their curiosity to discover new things is amazing. Their physical prowess allows them to climb steps with support, they like to dance when they listen to music, they also manage to bend down and can even help to undress by removing simple clothes.

Every day they want to be more independent since they have more balance when it comes to walking, they will want to climb up the stairs, the sofa in the house. "They are unstoppable."

They will have greater handling of your hand and grip, so it is normal to see them from one place to another carrying things, up to two objects in one hand, put them in boxes or in different places.

This is a perfect stage to prepare our babies, since their curiosity to know new things is very broad. You can start by giving them the opportunity to color on paper placed on the wall or on a table where they can sit and scratch with their crayons.

Whenever these types of activities are going to be carried out, adequate spaces must be assigned so that they do not end up scratching walls or damaging carpets, the idea is that they can learn that there are special spaces for this type of activities. A blackboard will also be a good option for you to scratch.

At 15 months it will be normal to see them drag toys, push chairs and pull things with their hands while walking.

They love balls and will try, some firmly or others not so much, hit the ball with one foot, watching balls roll will be great motivation to reach and throw them, which will help them work their gross motor skills, strengthening the muscles of her body. Although their coordination is not perfect, as they grow they will improve their throwing technique.

They love to play with wooden chips stacking, managing to build towers of up to 15 blocks, the games of stacking, assembling, are very important to integrate as part of their daily activities, which will allow them in the future to have a good handling of strokes and good writing.

In his temperament, will be notorious mood swings and constant tantrums, the "no" will be part of his daily vocabulary, wanting to do what they want and at the time they want.

Limiting them is difficult, but it is important the firmness of the orders sent to them, these patterns of words with simple orders, it is important to establish them as an incentive to follow-up and compliance with rules at home. Words like "bring me the toy", or "put the toy in the box", "let's eat". Short words that will help them expand their vocabulary, obey parents, caregivers and understand daily routines at home.

They also have the facility to recognize different parts of the body by pointing them with their hands or their finger, although they can not all be pronounced, they can understand what they are by mentioning them. Although they are learning some words, not all of them pronounce with ease, being difficult to understand what they mean.

That is why the language should be reinforced every day in children, with songs, reading stories for babies that are short, activities to mention different words or objects that are inside and outside the home that are simple and easy to pronounce.

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