1 year old babies

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The 16-month-old baby advances every day much more, his progress is better by walking very fast, it is a stage where parents really will end up exhausted at the end of the day, since the child will not want to be still for a single second.
He wants to move, play, walk and even run, although his balance sometimes fails to fall from time to time, he will have no qualms about getting up again and following his path. He doesn't see any kind of obstacle that can stop him.
He likes to open drawers, take out everything that is inside them, also close them, close the doors of the room, the bathrooms, it is better to have the keys to each room at hand.
His fine motor skills are much better: he loves to scribble, this function is of paramount importance for his future writing learning. You must have adequate spaces and materials to perform this activity, the crayons are very useful and less dangerous than a pencil, although there are triangular colors that are perfect for them to learn the position of the fingers and acquire greater strength in the stroke. Likewise, the precision in the movement will be refined, the more you are allowed to perform this activity, the more skill you acquire.
He loves to take small things and bring them to his mouth, but be very careful with this, the baby should always be vigilant, avoiding objects that are very small.
The house keys, loves its sound !!! Also try to put them in the locks or in places where you see spaces to introduce them, so the importance of security throughout the house.
His memory is greater, the baby learns by imitation, will be very observant to the actions of adults, gestures, phrases, accents, the baby will retain it in his memory and what most attracts his attention, will imitate him in some way.
This is an age where the orders sent to you will comply with them much better and will execute them. Sending orders with short patterns helps the baby's memory, attention and retention, for example, "bring me that shoe" - "put the toys in the drawer" - "come here". These types of words awaken your sense of alertness and attention-reaction.

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